Who Can Hire, Drive and Operate Liftman Self-Drive Cherry-Pickers?

Who can Hire Height Platforms or Cherry Pickers - Liftman

Anyone with a full standard licence can hire one of our up-to-date self-drive height platforms. Self-drive cherry picker height platforms offer considerable advantages over scaffolding hire when it comes to speed and convenience.

​Easy to Drive

Our MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) machines or ​drive just like any other 3.5 tonne commercial vehicle, so no special skills are involved; our self-drive cherry-pickers are lightweight and manoeuvrable.

​Easy to Park

​Self-drive height platforms don’t require a huge amount of space to park, either – our compact machines can operate from a space not much larger than a standard parking space.

​Straightforward to Operate

​No qualifications are required to operate Liftman’s height platforms. Like anyone working with machinery and at height users will, of course, need to pay careful attention to instructions and safety regulations.

​Standard Driving Licence

​Don’t forget to bring your licence with you when collecting your self-drive cherry-picker.


​We can help you with your insurance requirements for self-drive hire.

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