Cherry Picker Uses

Self Drive Cherry Picker Available To Hire In Dublin - Liftman

Multi Tasking – Need Height?

A self-drive cherry picker from Liftman is the ideal solution where temporary access to height is required for people or equipment.

Maintenance and Construction

Raised platform machines are often to be seen on building sites, where they can be used for carrying personnel and materials to upper floors. Liftman’s machines are of use, not only to small construction businesses, but also to medium and large-scale companies at busy times when their own plant is on another site, and a small self-drive cherry picker saves the time and money that would be spent in moving heavier machinery.

Roof construction, re-tiling, storm damage repair, window replacement, chimney repointing, all these tasks are made safer and easier with a Liftman cherry picker.


The words ‘Seasonal Work’ always brings agriculture to mind. Few farmers relish the task of carrying hay bales up a ladder to build a stack, but even fewer could justify the expense of buying a cherry picker only to use it for a few days in the year. Stacking feed bales, loading sacks of fodder into a granary, fruit picking, as well as building maintenance, these are the times when a cherry-picker would be worth its weight in gold, and now, with Liftman’s simple hire system, the farmer can have all the benefits without the capital expenditure.


A self-drive cherry-picker is an ideal solution when trees need to be trimmed or reduced in height. This essential task can be accomplished quickly and safely using our machinery.

Community Projects

Ireland is justifiably famed for its community spirit. When there are tasks to be carried out, there are plenty of willing hands to be found, but equipment can be a problem, and so can safely.

The church roof needs retiling, and the gutters on the community hall are a disgrace. What’s more, you wouldn’t want to put a ladder against them, nobody needs a fall.

Liftman’s cherry pickers are safe and simple to use. Hire one for a weekend, and make the best use possible of the people who want to help.

While you’re at it, what about getting those Christmas lights up in the main street? Tie the two jobs together, or the summer baskets on the lamp posts. They can be watered with a hose and pump, but hanging them is not so easy.

Just a little planning, and your cherry picker can turn your community projects into a wonderful success.

Do It Yourself

You may be skilled and clever with your hands, but you are probably not an acrobat, and far too many accidents happen in the home. Ladders and scaffold planks, no matter how carefully they are used, are all too frequently a source of disaster.

A cherry picker will hold you safe while you replace the gutters or repair the woodwork on those difficult to reach places on your home. And, while you are up there, what about giving those windows a wash?

Made For All Work

Repairing advertising hoardings and replacing the posters, bridge and underpass maintenance, building restoration, repair and decoration, the list of the uses of a cherry picker is almost endless. Once you have tried platform hire, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

One day, you may even need to pick cherries.

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